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BlocHome is a new, fast, simplified and highly secure way for anyone to access the real estate market.

We enable you to access property ownership starting with just 100€/month*! Thus, you can buy and sell in just a few clicks via tokens representing shares in the legal entity that owns our growing real estate portfolio. This allows you to benefit like an owner.

Our long-term vision is to create a worldwide real estate community where members can adjust their property ownership and usage according to their personal needs.

*(for a 12-months commitment)

Our Vision: To democratize the global real estate market

We want to make property ownership accessible and beneficial for everyone, regardless of their financial background. We envision a world where real estate is not just an asset but a community, where everyone can belong, share and thrive together. 

Our Mission: To redefine property ownership

Through fractional ownership, we empower individuals to start their real estate journey with as little as 100 euros, allowing them to grow their wealth at their own pace. We bridge the gap between property owners and tenants, providing easy access to a portfolio of high-quality buildings, ensuring hassle-free management and a steady rental income.

We are more than just a real estate platform, we are a community where sharing is the norm, and every member can own, rent, earn and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with being a part of BlocHome. 

Our Core Values: Shaping tomorrow through inclusivity, transparency, and sustainability.

At BlocHome, we are driven by a commitment to:

1. Inclusivity: We firmly believe in democratizing access to real estate, ensuring everyone, irrespective of their background, can tap into the opportunities housing offers. 

2. Transparency: Integrity is at our foundation. We champion clear, honest, and open communication in all our dealings, fostering trust within our community. 

3. Sustainability: Our vision extends beyond the present. By emphasizing long-term solutions and practices, we are building a real estate ecosystem designed to stand the test of time. 

Our Board of Directors

Our founding team is composed of both real estate veterans with decades of accumulated experience in the field, and young tech-savvy entrepreneurs. We believe this provides us with an ideal complementary blend of skills to carry BlocHome forward.

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Director of the Board of Directors of BlocHome SV


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Board Member of BlocHome SV


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Board Member of BlocHome SV


T.+352 28 81 11


Board Member of BlocHome SV


T.+352 28 81 11

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