About BlocHome

BlocHome is a new, fast, simplified and highly secure way for anyone to access the real estate market.

We enable you to access property ownership starting with just 1,000€! Thus, you can buy and sell in just a few clicks via tokens representing shares in the legal entity that owns our growin real estate portfolio. This allows you to benefit like an owner.

Our real estate projects are rigorously selected by our experienced industry experts so that you can take advantage of first-class real estate opportunities.

Our long term vision is to create a worldwide real estate community where members will be able to adjust their property ownership and usage according to their personal needs.

Our Team

Our founding team is composed of both real estate veterans with decades of accumulated experience in the field, and young tech-savvy entrepreneurs. We believe this provides us with an ideal complementary blend of skills to carry BlocHome forward.


Jean-Paul Scheuren

Founding Team


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Leonel Marques

Founding Team


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Romain Poulles

Founding Team


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Raphaël Scheuren

Founding Team


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Maroun Altekly

Founding Team


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hugo vautier

Hugo Vautier

Director of BlocHome SV


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