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Find here the answer to the most frequently asked questions about BlocHome. 

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By buying BlocHome tokens, you become a co-owner of the company that owns the real estate buildings. The token represents a share in the vehicle that owns the building.

No. The CLAPTON residence is our pilot project, and if you buy today, this is what you will own. However, as we will add more properties to our portfolio, you will own a part of the entire portfolio. This diversification decreases the risks associated with investing into a single property.

There are 2 ways your BlocHome investment will increase and both are happening at the same time: 1. You get revenue from the cash flow (rent) the property is generating, which is being paid directly to your account. ( Once the building is finished in 2023 and tenants move in) 2. You benefit from the increase of the value of the property.

There will be a waiting list for tenants. Within this list, we will prioritize BlocHome community members.

No. As an investor, you will become an owner of the property portfolio, which means that you will EARN rent paid by the building's residents. If you live in the property you investment earnings are deductible from your rent.

Every fee is included in the investment information sheet. The fees will be deducted from the rent so there will be no extra charges for you.

Yes, your voice matters. As a shareholder, You CAN participate in shareholder meetings and contribute in decisions. ( f. ex. acquisition and sale of properties will be decided by an acquisition committee with shareholders participation)

The minimum investment amount for this round will be 1000€. Once you invested the minimal amount you may invest any amount monthly. At BlocHOme we will try to develop tools that will permit to reduce onboarding costs and thus enable to reduce entrance fees.

Yes. We will provide a secondary market opportunity in the billboard where you can sell your shares. It will be a peer to peer plateform (direct sales to purchaser). 

The building is fully insured. During construction it is covered by a "Garantie Tout Risque Chantier", After completion with a "Garantie décennale" covering Construction problems for up to 10 years. You do not have to pay in case of property damage. The building will also have a Building insurance and a RC insurance.

If the subscription amount is not reached during the subscription phase, we guarantee the investors will get 100% of their money back (only bank fees may be deduced).

The fees are specified in the investment information sheet. Average yearly fees will not exceed 1.5 %. Because of 100% digital processes, BlocHome Team estimates that it will be able to reduce the global fees over time.

The dividends will be distributed automatically to your account , based on the contractual agreements with the tenants.

1. As BlocHome, we want to guarantee full transparency about the building and the entire construction process 2. The core founders have a combined real estate development experience of over 50 years.

The value is 1.06€ per token.

The expected delivery date is July 2023

Once the building is completed in 2023, our team will install tenants so that you will start getting revenue from rents in proportion to your investment. We will also complete a valuation of the property every 3 months so you know how much your asset is worth if you decide to sell on.

You will be allocated purchased tokens only after being KYC approved and once your payment has been received.

During our launch phase, we have set the target to reach 4m€ in funding from investors like you through the purchase of shares. Until this target has been reached, you will be protected by a suspensive clause whereby you will be refunded your entire invested amount if the target hasn't been reached by a set date. Once the target is reached, you - and all other BlocHomers - will become legal owners of our real estate portfolio. For details, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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