Investing more than 10.000€?

→ Buy now, pay only when we've hit our full financing target

How it works:

If you wish to invest over 10.000€, we are offering you an extra layer of safety.

You have the option to commit today to investing on BlocHome, but to pay only once our financing target has been hit.

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Pay only when the financing is secured

  • Keep your liquidity until the project's success is guaranteed
  • Deploy your capital on Real Estate without the management hassle
  • Your purchase will be cancelled if we do not successfully hit our goal

Enjoy a tailor-made service

  • Benefit from a personalised onboarding that fits your needs
  • Meet face-to-face with our founding members
  • Enjoy an extra layer of safety to protect your capital

Secure your limited spot today

  • Guarantee your share purchase price at 1€ even if we do a new building valuation
  • Secure your slice of the first tokenized residential Luxembourg real estate project
  • Be part of a true revolution in the real estate market

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